• New Show, New Interview, Busy August

    It's been a busy year so far, and August has been the busiest month yet.

    I'm currently starring as Watson in Shotgun Players' production of The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence. The whole production has been a dream to work on, and I've loved playing Watson (all 4 of them... it makes sense when you see the play I promise). We just got extended to September 10, so don't miss it!

    AND! I got the chance to talk about the play on KPFA radio, which was so much fun. You can listen to that full interview here.

    The play's trailer is below and I hope to see you at the theater!


  • 31 Flavors

    Well, I turned 31 a couple of days ago and I must say, I don't feel any different. Maybe it takes a little while to sink in.

    Anywhoo, on to the good stuff.

    I am curently in rehearsals for the Bay Area Playwright's Festival, a series of staged readings of new works by, you guessed it, Bay Area Playwrights. This year there are musical, dramas, and even a play with sign language. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    In other news, I did some background work on a Honda commercial, so if you happen to be watching TV and see an advert for the new 2015 Fit, be on the lookout for an out of focus, 6'1" shadow, way waaaaaaaaay in the background, and it just might be me. 

    Back to the ol' grind stone.

    Stay classy Nor-Cal.

  • New Horizons

    I recently switched agencies in the SF Bay Area. I just joined JE Talent and I am thrilled to be here. I have already had some great new oportunities, and I am looking forward to what the future holds. JE only does SAG/AFTRA projects and now that I am a union member I felt that it was in my best interest to join an agency that put all their efforts into union projects. They were very welcoming and I am among an immensely talented group of actors. I feel honored to be here.

  • Acting in the SF Bay Area

    I recently joined the Screen Actors Guild or SAG/AFTRA as it is more commonly known. And while I DO feel like that is a great milestone in my career, unfortunately, most of the work up here in the SF Bay Area is non-union. As a card-carrying member of SAG/AFTRA, I can no longer accept non-union work. Which would be great if I was booking any union work at the moment. But I'm not. So you can all see my dilemma. I need to make money, and union work pays so well. But I'm not booking any. And with that, I leave you with a few choice words from Marlon Brando, "Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent."